Sifnos is a mountainous island and thus contributes in its own way to the beauty of the Cycladic landscape. The hills and valleys are filled with green compared to the other islands, where almost of them have no vegetation.

But the beauties of our island can not been seen from the first moment. The visitor, while he is still on the ship approaches two facing cliffs in the background the houses of a village. This village is the Kamares, when you know it you will love it and you will never forget it.

Sifnos is considered the island of Apollo. It needs patience to learn Sifnos and discover its beauty, which undoubtedly exist. For this reason, Sifnos is not for vacation with program. But it is ideal for touring, for people who know how to appreciate what is and not looking to impress at first glance. They will discover the light of Sifnos.

The architectural forms of Sifnos is simple and in harmony with the needs and aesthetics of the landscape. The houses are white cube-shaped, cobbled alleys are whitewashed and decorated with flowers at the ends.

The courtyards of the houses are all white with stars and have terraces, stone seats, and among them the picturesque white churches with blue domes like the color of sky and sea and the beautiful towers. Sifnos is waiting for everyone with open arms. It wants us to walk the streets, to enjoy the sunshine, swim in the pristine beaches and visit the Mother of God the Ouranofora. And the night threatens to take us in magic places.

Sifnos belongs to the western Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, located between Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos. The island has a triangular shape and its distance from Piraeus is 75 nautical miles. Its area reaches 74 square kilometers. The coastline of the island, reaching about 70 km and filled with beautiful bays and coves.

Sifnos belongs to the Cyclades islands administrative and ecclesiastical. Its Cathedral is located within Ermoupolis of Syros. Before about 15 years, become municipality including many settlements and villages. The downtown of the Municipality is Apollonia.


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